3rd Year- Knights- Nackanas

Nackanas was the 3rd year project of mine and a few other classmates for our group work. The Project spanned over the entire year and went through dozens of iterations before getting to the final version we submitted for 60% of the years grade.
As one of the 2 character artists, I made the main playable character and a couple NPC knights.

The knights were my first project. My focus was on historically accurate knight armour with a fantasy twist, but I wanted the twist to differ significantly from the usual changes and instead take inspiration from historical sources instead of to exaggerate the armour and make it more moder, like a lot of artists choose to do.

These were my iterations of the idea, notice how the colours are quite bright and vibrant, which was a feature I really liked from medieval knight armour and wanted to emulate.

The face is always my favourite part of the texturing process. Adding the detailing of all the little scratches on to the armour was a close second for this project.

For the Texturing, I used Substance Painter by Adobe, and hand painted the scratches into the texture maps to give it a organic natural weathered look. I loved how the light colours mixed with the dramatic look of the skull and gore gives it the appearance of a ‘once-good’ knight, corrupted by the much darker king model that my team had come up with.

The scene I came up with to pose the knights into was set in the hypothetical interior of the tavern that featured in the original Nackanas map build. It is fairly simple so as not to detract from the main focus, which is the knights. Being background NPC’s, they were not designed to have a particularly important or eye-catching look, but to be subtle and unique looking. I feel I achieved this well with the classic gothic armour design with a few lesser used features in fantasy armour.