Valkyrie Sculpt- Nackanas- 3rd Year
This is my favourite sculpt so far, the detailing of the cloth folds at the front of the smokkr and the fine creases in the knuckles of the hand were a surprising challenge, one greatly aided by the GIO soft forms tool. Looking back (and at all the other amazing sculpts on Artstation) I would've liked to add more of the fabric textures in at this stage, instead of later in substance painter. I tend to do that in post because I find detail gets lost in the baking process, but if that is going to happen anyway, I might as well have a high detail sculpt from zbrush to show off.

this sculpt is part of my personal project, a multimedia webcomic. My aim for this model was for it to be used as a 3D character turnaround for referencing, making each panel of the comic more consistent. Having a large cast of characters involves a fine balance between making sure each character looks significantly different, from clothing style to facial features, but also making sure they do not go off model.

Michelangelos David
For practice, I did a study on Michelangelos sculpture David. It is a work in progress, but my focus was the facial features.